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Corndel is a people first organisation. Understanding how you experience Corndel as a member of the team is important to us. Building upon what we do well and improving on the areas we do less well, with your support, will help us to continuously improve our Corndel community.

We would be grateful if you can respond to the following 12 statements. These will form part of our ongoing engagement strategy. The same statements will be asked on a quarterly basis so that we can act quickly and measure impact. Results will be shared at the following Corndel Team Update call with James and sent out via Corndel Connect.

We hope the pulse survey is a step in the right direction to continue to listen, learn and delight our people through the improvements we make together to our employee offer.

Responses to this survey are completely confidential. Your name is not stored in the underlying dataset.

To help us identify particular areas of success/concern and target interventions, please select your business area.(Required)